About Us

Vari Musicisti is a non-profit collaborative ensemble that prides itself on the breadth and quality of its projects. Our inaugural season featured performances at seven venues across Manhattan, Queens, and New Jersey. We performed major symphonic orchestral works, two operas, and even had time for chamber recitals in between.

Our goal is to provide a home for both instrumental and vocal musicians in the tri-state area, and to prove that classical music isn’t stale. We leave our snooty powdered wigs at the door and shred until we sweat. The result? Visceral and adrenaline fueled.

Why Vari Musicisti?

italian. vari musicisti (IPA: vari muzitʃisti)
english. various musicians

Vari is the spice of life and who we are—musicians of varied professional background, training, age, and specialty. We play chamber music, symphonies, concerti, and operas. We are member run with representation from multiple NYC boroughs and regions of New Jersey. Our principal oboe is a soprano and one of our cellists plays the clarinet. We are teachers, performers, arts administrators, graduate students, and professors. Quite vari indeed.